Google Voice Search – What is positioning for voice search. Check how to optimize and position your site to respond well to voice searches

Google voice search is an increasingly popular option. We use it very often both in the desktop browser itself as well as on mobile devices or in the Google assistant. This trend has led to the emergence of a new type of positioning website which is used in positioning for voice searches. So what is it, why is it worth to express it and what benefits does it provide? We present the answers in this text below.

What is SEO for voice search?

To answer this question, first of all you need to explain what is the voice search itself. It is a service offered by Google, which is available in the traditional search engine, on mobile devices or functions in the Google assistant. Such search is based on activating the microphone of the device, and verbally asking a question. The question is a part of everyday speech.

Positioning a website for voice search focuses on optimizing the website and positioning it for this type of search. Standard SEO is based on phrases and keywords that we manually enter into Google search engine. Whereas, positioning for voice search, is based on optimizing the website for long-tail keywords.. These are keywords consisting of several or even over a dozen words reflecting fragments of colloquial speech.

By using voice search positioning, our website will match exactly such phrases and will be best suited for this type of search. Positioning for voice search can be implemented either as the main type of positioning or as an additional way of website optimization. It is based on standard website configuration and optimization as well as positioning activities, but it has some specific elements, which are typical for this type of positioning.

What distinguishes Voice Search Engine Optimization

The basis of SEO is the usual optimization of the website for Google search. However, there are a few elements that make this type of SEO more suitable for voice search.

First and foremost, the biggest difference is the choice of appropriate keywords under which our website is positioned. These are long-tail words, which are natural phrases and questions. Thus, your website will be positioned exactly for those phrases that are asked in voice search by the users. These will be questions such as “What time is the Poland England match” and not the phrases used in standard searches for information such as “Poland England match when”. The difference in phrases for which we will be positioning our website is simply a result of the way people search, and positioning your website for voice search is a response to this style of searching for information.

The second element that is key in positioning your website for voice search and on which most emphasis is placed is the responsiveness of the site. Voice searches overwhelmingly come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This makes it easier to find information on such devices due to their size. Therefore, in order to optimize the website for voice search we should make sure that our website is responsive and build it mainly for this purpose.

When positioning a website for voice search, special emphasis is also placed on the time of information delivery, i.e. the time it takes for the website to load and its speed. These are important elements because the Google search engine places particular emphasis on the speed of obtaining information for this type of search.

Why you should optimize your website for GVS

Optimizing websites for Google Voice Search is a very beneficial process that is worth taking advantage of. We can use it to different extent and with different intensity, but it is definitely worth remembering that such optimization brings many benefits.
First of all, positioning your website for voice search allows you to become a leader in this area of search quite easily. Most websites do not put emphasis on this element of Google search. Thanks to this we can relatively easily become a strong position in the ranking of search results in a given topic category precisely in the area of voice search. Given the possibility of getting a lot of organic traffic this way, we can also compete with stronger sites in given topic categories, and alternatively get organic traffic if we cannot compete with our competitors in the traditional way.

Voice search positioning can also be conducted as an additional type of website positioning. We can optimize pages in this way in addition to other type of positioning such as standard or broad or local. In this way our website will be more comprehensively promoted on the Internet so we can use its potential and gain more organic traffic.

Google Voice Search positioning itself is very simple. It does not require from us large financial outlays or risky actions. We can also introduce such optimization gradually, monitoring all the changes occurring on the site. Therefore, it is worth preparing for such changes a little earlier.

Hint: If we want to optimize our website for voice search results and we are not able to do it ourselves, it is a good idea to go to an SEO agency. These are agencies that specialize in SEO and have a very wide range of services. Increasingly, you will also find them optimizing pages for voice search results. Even if they are not permanently in the offer, certainly the specialists will perform such optimization for us on request.