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Discover 5 reasons why you should use social media advertising

Advertising on social media provides many opportunities. However, it is somewhat neglected and underappreciated by a large number of people Below we present 5 reasons why you should advertise in social media such as Facebook regardless of whether you do it by running a profile, implementing whisper marketing or using advanced advertising programs.


We check different types of promotion

The first advantage of social media promotion is the wide-ranging possibility of choosing the types of advertising. Social media offers a wide range of choices in this regard - both in terms of its placement and form of advertising. We can mostly use text, graphic or video frames or more advanced forms such as product carousels or banner ads. We can also place them in different locations on a given site, which altogether gives a lot of combinations.

The possibility of adapting the form of the sticky to our situation will translate into more effective promotion, the possibility of better transfer of knowledge to the recipients or the ability to advertise in a more effective and attractive way. Each product and service will be different in terms of presentation, and advertising in social media gives us the opportunity to choose such a form to best show our advertised product. This allows us to build a quality image and advertising message that will be easily and readily received by users, for example by adding a video about interesting jewelry, not just a photo with description.

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on social media that we can use is targeting of promotions. Systems such as Facebook Ads or advertising on Twitter and other social media give us the ability to target promotions. This means that we can consciously select people who must meet certain characteristics in order for our ad to be displayed to them. Social networks collect a lot of data about their users, which gives the possibility of targeting. In general, there are very many parameters that we can determine. These are both information such as age, gender or place of residence, but also more detailed as the interests or activity in the network. We can also define a few conditions that need to be met by the recipients of our ads and exclude them after the given parameters. Targeting in social media gives the possibility to direct ads to exactly the people we want - increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the promotion.

Thanks to this, our advertising message will be delivered to the right people and we will gain much more benefits than if we broadcast it to a group of random people. We will also be able to effectively spend money on promotion, because we will pay only for the advertising that has a good chance of success, and not, as is the case for example with handing out leaflets, waste a large part of the budget on advertising among people who will certainly not benefit from our promotion.


We target advertising


We create large target groups

A very important advantage, which is the power of advertising in social media, is a very large group of recipients. Usually advertising in some ways, such as through word of mouth marketing or a website, we are limited in range and sometimes it is difficult to reach beyond a certain limit. Social networks give unfettered access to virtually all possible recipients. Social media is used by the vast majority of internet users with different parameters. This is where all network users meet, and we can in this one place emit an ad to all of them. Running an ad we have the opportunity to broadcast it to a very large group of people. This advantage is also valid when we very precisely define parameters of reception or we direct advertising message to a niche group of recipients. Advertising in social media therefore gives access to a much larger group of people to whom we can display advertising - in many cases virtually infinite.

The advantage that will appeal especially to individuals or small brands that do not employ specialists in Internet marketing is the fact that advertising in social media can be implemented very simply and independently. The advertising systems are tailored in such a way that they can be operated by private individuals. In addition, the advertising systems have a lot of hints, facilitations or tutorials. You can also find a lot of specific tutorials or case studies on the web. Advertising in social media can also be implemented very simply. Often, even within an hour of starting to configure the ad, it can be emitted on a given social network. Often, we do not have to make any prepayments and we pay for the ads by paying bills. The configuration of the advertisement itself also gives the possibility of creating a simple promotion that does not require having graphic materials, video and other advanced solutions, thanks to which we also do not have to spend resources both on preparing the promotional campaign and its implementation by specialists, e.g. promoting an already finished post.


Easy to implement

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Possibility of scaling our actions

A very important advantage of advertising in social media is the possibility of scaling. Advertising is not just for small brands or individuals or just global corporations. It is available to everyone, and it only depends on our budget to what scale we run it. It can range from local advertising to a few hundred people to global advertising to everyone in the world. This allows you to enjoy the same advantages that large global brands enjoy while being a small business or individual. Also, once our ad is aired, we can smoothly increase the budget, e.g. by drawing funds from the profits generated through previous advertising, or increase the budget when we see that the ad is meeting its objectives.

The ability to target an ad is extremely beneficial because it allows us to tailor the size of the ad to our brand, needs, situation, or opportunities we have at the time. Many promotional methods do not have this option, offering only small or large promotions - to which we must adapt.

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