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SEO in 2022 – trends, tendencies and predictions

There is no doubt that websites and online stores in recent years are experiencing a real boom in popularity. No wonder – we buy more and more online, the Internet has become our main source of knowledge, entertainment, and in many cases the workplace. This makes SEO still of particular importance. What trends are predicted for 2022?

Voice Search

In 2022, voice search is predicted to grow exceptionally in popularity. We are still striving to speed up everything we do, and searching for keywords of interest using voice is much faster than using a keyboard. What does this mean for web content creators? First of all, it indicates that this year it is worth betting on long keyword phrases. Spoken language is different from written language, so content should now be optimized for voice search.

Video content at the forefront of popularity

Video content of any kind is extremely popular, and 2022 is likely to see an escalation in that popularity. Most people are visual learners who remember any information best when they have the opportunity to juxtapose what they hear with what they see. This makes it likely that video channels of all kinds will become extremely popular. Pay attention to the channel name and keywords used to describe the content.

EAT compliance

EAT is in Polish translation an acronym of three words: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Credibility. This year, we will pay even more attention to the compliance of the content with EAT principles. What do they consist in? Google’s search engine strictly scrutinizes websites in the areas that matter most to our lives. This includes industries such as medicine or finance. Google checks to what extent these sites are credible and whether they build a positive reputation. Therefore, content creators from such industries should take special care and quality of content to be highly positioned in search engine results.

Search not only in text

We have already mentioned the predicted increase in popularity of voice search. However, it turns out that graphical search will also become more and more popular. In this regard, the search engine will get a big improvement, and the image search will become more accurate and effective. So it is worth paying attention not only to text, but also to graphics.

Semantic keywords

Semantic keywords will play an exceptional role in SEO 2022. They help the search engine better understand the context of the search, which translates into displaying the user content that actually interests them. This, in turn, will lead to increased search performance and higher rankings in search engine results. This is something you need to take advantage of!

To sum up…

The year 2022 will bring an increase in the importance of not so much SEO, but actually SXO, or user experience optimization. According to the latest standards, content on websites should be best suited to user expectations and preferences, which in turn will translate into high conversions and better results.

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