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5 rules – how to increase Page Rank of a website

Pagerank was developed by Google – it is a set of factors that affect the visibility of your website. It was a term that very often people creating websites/blogs did not know or understand. Realistically, there may be only a few people who understood it one hundred percent because Google’s search engine algorithm is kept and guarded in strict secrecy. Increasing Page Rank was not something easy and pleasant to achieve in one day. If it was, everyone would reach the maximum Page Rank of 10. Currently PageRank is not officially visible, John Mueller, a Google analyst even stated that it is no longer taken into account “officially” 😉 .

I’ll try to give you some suggestions that influenced your page rank correctly when google took it into account:

1. Links flowing to your site should be of good qualityPage Rank

The best way to improve Google Page Rank (maybe not in one day but over a period of time). The key is to obtain links from quality sites, directing to your site. It would be good if the linking sites are thematically related to your website.
For example, if your website is a cycling internet service, it is worth acquiring links from well-known portals and blogs related to this subject. To a large extent, Page Rank will note that the subject matter is similar, so the power of the linking pages will be stronger overall.

2. Write your own original texts for the page.

Don’t copy them from other sites or duplicate them. A common mistake is copying product descriptions e.g. in online stores. Even if it is your own description – it is worth to have it only on one of your pages and not on many (if you run two stores of the same subject). Google algorithm will detect the page that has the original content and will treat worse the pages that have copied descriptions.

3. Do not link from all possible places.

Many people leave comments on other sites with a link to their site or exchange links with all the sites that agree to this, etc. You have to remember that Google’s algorithm first detects the quality of links and not their quantity. Therefore literally a few links from pages with high Page Rank is much stronger than a few hundred links from pages with low PR.

4. Write good texts

If you write good texts, people will read them and provide links from their pages, emails, etc. Good texts are a sign of quality – and quality promotes positioning.

5. remember to use SEO techniques

Search engine optimization is a key factor to increase Page Rank. In the following articles we will describe the most important ones.

Since 2013, Google has made it clear that page rank is no longer the apple of their eye and updates to this factor are no longer regular, but it is important to remember that this factor has gone underground in Google’s algorithms and can still be taken into account in a large percentage to improve search results.

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